Activities and House Events

Tonight we started our house competition. Team Mars, Saturn and Jupiter competed for stars in a variety of challenges including newspaper tower building, relays and flag making. Winners receive stars for their house. The house team with the most stars at the end of the course will receive  a great prize!




Day 1 – Welcome Activities

We welcomed our new students last night and spent the evening playing different icebreaker games. We were very impressed with the great enthusiasm and attitude of all students.

Tonight students will be put into house teams and will be competing in these for the next 2 weeks.

New arrivals today :)

Our first arrivals for OBH2 are here, with many more students arriving over the next few hours. We are excited and looking forward to meeting everyone.


This course we will have students from 12 different countries. Tonight is our first group activities, and the Social Activities have lots of exciting games and challenges planned.

Stay tuned for photos over the next day 🙂

Goodbyes for now

Final photos and goodbyes to our OBH1 students. On Friday, students were presented with their certificates as well as some special prizes for some of the students for activities, classwork, improvement, attitude and the most English spoken!

We will miss you and hope to see you next year.

IMG_6256 (1)IMG_6249IMG_6252IMG_6253


Final Days

We cannot believe it has gone so fast and as students celebrate their final night with a disco, here is are some photos of the past few days. We are going to miss you all very much!


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Visitors to OBH

On Tuesday students at OBH welcomed international students from another CAE programme, Riddlesworth Hall.

Students were matched with a buddy, and participated in a range of activities including conversation classes, art, sport, quizzes and cooking.



Other activities included cooking and football.


Students shared a barbecue for dinner and then competed in a Good Better Best competition.

Events included best hula hoop, longest jump, smallest hands, longest hair, fastest alphabet, and a crowd favourite best dance move.

A great opportunity to practice English and learn about each others cultures.

Quiet moments

Sofia and Noa are from Spain and Russia.  They have become great friends and it is these friendships that make CAE OBH so special.



Students spent yesterday in London. The weather was hot and the views from the London Eye were spectacular.



Students then walked through St James Park, stopping for a well deserved icecream.


Then it was off to Buckingham Palace. The Queen was at home, and Boris Johnson (the new English Prime Minister) was also spotted entering the palace.


Our walk continued past Trafalgar Square and finally to Covent Garden, where students shopped and explored the markets. Dinner at Pizza Hut and then it was home time. A long, hot and very fun day.


New weeklies yesterday

New weekly activities started yesterday. Students work on a new skill, challenge or activity for the week and hopefully have a lot of fun in the process.

Students could choose from Ballet and Yoga.

Invent a Sport was organised by Ed. There were 4 sports invented by the students, and the first ‘ Diffball’ was trialled yesterday.

The final options were Photo Stories (with an exhibition to come at the end of the course) and Drama, with students writing and creating their own play. Fingers crossed they will perform for us on Friday 🙂


Summer nights!


The weather in the past 2 days has been excellent. Last night students took advantage of the long summer evenings with a pool party!

There was also a mutiny against Activity Staff, with Leo, Ed and Jude all pushed in the pull! A very fun night!

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