Saturday afternoon activities

In the shade of the trees, Nick referees a game of ultimate hoop:


Amina, Russia’s greatest golfer, explains what she’s going to do:
(quiet video – please turn up your volume)


Meanwhile, in the art studio, Haley and her team are busy creating British food:


Delicious! Almost as good as the real thing! But Louise has a message for anyone tempted to eat them..


A day in Cambridge and a quizzical evening

On Friday the students went to Cambridge. They went punting on the river Cam, completed a Cambridge fact hunt, and explored the market.


Social activities leader Lamide and Jigme were caught by Cambridge’s newest police officers – PC Constantin and PC Peter!



Friday’s evening activity was a quiz night. One of the rounds was a blind taste test. Watch the video to see what the students had to taste, do you know what they are? The answers will be in the next post!


Bury St Edmunds

Yesterday the pupils enjoyed a day out in Bury St Edmunds. After completing a ‘logo hunting’ activity for their English classes, they enjoyed some free time in the historic town. After some shopping at the traditional local market, we had a picnic in the park, followed by an evening of bowling!