OBH 2 Graduation

Congratulations to all of our hardworking students who graduated from OBH 2 on Friday! They all worked really hard and we have seen a lot of improvement in their English. We hope they all had a fun time with us at OBH and enjoyed themselves as much as we did. 

2014-08-08 15.58.55
Nikita and Artem relaxing after showing us their “Mr and Mrs Smith” secret agent play
2014-08-08 16.04.41
Natalia, Sussan, and Ruslana acting in their “Mr and Mrs Smith” secret agent play


2014-08-08 16.06.22
Kate’s class performing their “Mr and Mrs Smith” secret agent play.


2014-08-08 16.09.03
Watching a video that some of the students in Seb’s class made.



2014-08-08 15.59.18
Everyone enjoying watching videos that Seb’s class made.


2014-08-08 16.09.18
Enjoying the videos made by students in Seb’s class


2014-08-08 16.10.45
Oscar explaining what his video is about.


2014-08-08 16.27.46
Andrey receiving his certificate from Kate


2014-08-08 16.30.21
Alex receiving his certificate from Seb.


2014-08-08 16.30.36
Laurent receiving his certificate from Seb


2014-08-08 16.31.44
Matteo receiving his certificate from James


2014-08-08 16.32.40
Kate receiving the class prize from James


2014-08-08 16.34.09
Kate, Liana, and Lilia with their certificates. Well done girls!


2014-08-08 16.36.29
Niya with her certificate. Well done Niya!


2014-08-08 16.36.53 (1)
Itai with the comic he made.


2014-08-08 16.49.32
Time for the social activity certificates!
2014-08-08 16.50.03
Hannah receiving her social activity certificate.

Congratulations to all of our students once again. You can be very proud of your efforts! 


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