Trip to London

Yesterday we visited London. Our day started with a wonderful river cruise along the Thames where we got to see some of the iconic sights of London, such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben, and the London Eye. We then went for a walk through St James park  where we had a picnic lunch and saw Buckingham Palace.Our walking tour continued up past Trafalgar Square to the National Gallery where the students had worksheets to complete before heading to Covent Garden for their free time. Our day ending with all-you-can-eat pizza at pizza hut! 


Tower Bridge


Natalia and Niya enjoying the river cruise


Lea, Sussan, and Hannah enjoying the river cruise


Ruslana and Matteo enjoying the river cruise


Ele, Krzys, Mati, and Alex


Seb’s class outside Buckingham Palace


Pizza time!! Andrey, Alex, Nikita, Artem, and Artur


Waiting for pizza!


Bara, Matej, and Giulia


Lilia, Liana, Ruslana, and Kate


Matteo and Alexis

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