Some posts from our students 03/08/2014

Yesterday I was in Cambridge. It was very fun. We saw a lot of beautiful places and finally we did a super river trip.

 Alexey Gusarov, Russia,15


Yesterday we went in Cambridge a big city near London which is famous for its university. When we arrived we did a little game and after that we did some shopping and I bought lots of sweets and food. At 6:30pm we came back and it was a really great excursion and it was very funny. Today after the lesson we did some games to take points for the house, Sherlock is the best.  After, we did a pool party and it was funny and relaxing.

Andrea Ripa Italy 13


Today we had a lot of fun! Sports and pool party, very exciting day with my friends!

Laurent, 14 years old, Italy


Yesterday I went to Cambridge and saw sweetshop and funny guys with drums. Later I saw the university, this very cool and today we have a cool pool party J

Artur,13 years old, Russia


Yesterday we went to Cambridge and it was very funny.  I was looking for H&M but I can’t find it. So I only buy a big Lollipop. Today we make a pool-party and it was very funny.  Now I’m going to Barbecue! Bye bye and bon Appetite! JJJJJJJJJJJ

Hannah, 11 years old, GermanyJJ

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