New Blog entries from some of the students!

Today I was in the swimming pool and Golf, it  was fun. The new kids are fun one is Alex he is from Poland.

Itai, Israel, 14


Yesterday I was in the swimming pool and played mixed sports and the day before I played tennis. And today I have been doing archery (bow and arrow.) I have found new friends Xander, Alexi, Laurent, Chris and more

Oscar, Sweden, 13


Today I went to swimming it was really nice and relaxing. We listened to music and read books.

Niya Djingova, Bulgaria, 12


Today I had a lot of fun. We had archery and netball. Fantastic!

Laurent, Italy,  14


Yesterday, during the evening activities we had to solve a murder mystery. I really enjoyed this. Today I chose archery and we learned how to shoot with bow and arrow. We held competitions to see who gets most points.

Xander Ziedses des Plantes, Netherlands, 13


 HI everyoneeeee !!!! So do you want to know how it is going, right? Well, we are all having fun !!! The activities are very funny and strange, we are all in a house like in Harry Potter so we feel as important as wizards 😉 I made a lot of new friends speaking about what happened two nights ago: the fire alarm started at midnight and we didn’t know why … Maybe it could be a ghost …. Who knows?

Matilde, Italy, 14 and half


Today, I went to a nature walk. We saw a lot of the nature and some animals. I also was in art so there I drew on glass and made a beautiful bracelet.         

Lea, Germany, 13


Today I went to a fencing. We learned how to fence and there was some battles. Then I played golf and l hit the ball and it went to the hole.                    

Andrew,  Russia, 12


Today ,I played football and have fun at OBH. I have a lot of friends here and they are so nice to me.     

Sussan, Germany,14         

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