A tragic day at Old Buckenham Hall

Old Buckenham Hall is nestled between fields and villages in the picturesque Suffolk countryside. And though the summer has been warm and sunny, there is a cold, dark secret about the place. This secret is of a crime most terrible – murder!!

But why? And who? And how?

These are the questions the student detectives of Old Buckenham Hall need to answer! Watch as the students interview the suspects to uncover the truth…


The butler opens the door.

Who dunnit!?


Activities round-up

These video clips were taken during afternoon and evening activities.

The students unleash a volley of arrows in archery:

A flag gets captured:


In Britten Hall, an intensive came of corner hockey is in play:


Followed by an equally high-powered dodgeball session:

Over in the Old Gym, there’s a zumba class in progress:


Meanwhile, in the art room, a sing-a-long breaks out: